Tuition and Fees

2018 Annual Registration Fees

Viva Performing Arts Center charges an annual registration fee at the beginning of our fiscal year or at the time of sign up. This fee is only accessed once during our fiscal year (August-July).

Annual Registration Fees

Number of Children in Family Registration Amount
1st Student $20
Each Additional Student $10

Tuitions Fees
Tuition fees are calculated based on how many classes a family is registered for. All members who register for classes at Viva Performing Arts are enrolling for the current August-July year. The yearly tuition fee is paid monthly. The monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of classes a month holds. Tuition is prorated if new students register mid-month. If classes are cancelled by the facility, make up classes will be scheduled.

Family Monthly Tuition Feess

Number of Classes taken (per family) per week Regular Monthly Tuition
($5 late fee after the 10th of each month)
(online or in studio)
Discount Rate Automatic Withdrawal monthly from bank between 5th-7th
(Best Value)
One Class $50 $45
Two Classes $75 $65
Three Classes $95 $85
Four Classes $115 $105

Best Tuition prices are Automatic Withdrawals- Saves Time & Money!
Viva Performing Arts Center offers the Automatic Checking Withdrawal Program. Auto Debit withdraws from your checking account between the 5th -7th of every month. Please ask for the auto debit form.